All the cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic medicine in Nice!

Doctor Rostane, Doctor Specialist Cosmetic Surgery in Nice ownsa technical equipment where priority has been given to safety and comfort.

Dr. Rostane graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Reims, made his specialty courses in Montpellier and was attached to the service assistant plastic surgery and aesthetic reconductrice Nice. Dr. Rostane has followed many stays of specialty training abroad. She is a specialist in facial surgery (lifting), breast (breast implants, ptosis, breast reconstruction), liposuction, lipofilling and abdominoplasty. She is also a specialist in hand surgery. She is a member of the SOFCPRE.

The aesthetic medicine is now part of a new lifestyle. This is the junction between the dermocosmetic and cosmetic surgery. This is a sweet way to fight against aging and sagging skin thanks to constantly evolving techniques that allow to repel or to better prepare the surgery.

These processes are:

  • Botox injections,
  • Hyaluronic acid injection,
  • Pelling,
  • Resurfacing,
  • Permanent hair removal laser,
  • Treatment of age spots, wrinkles and rosacea with laser technology and IPL,
  • New treatment methods of anti-aging medicine with an innovative biostimulation of skin cells (ACR: Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation).

Here is a place dedicated to the rediscovery of yourself, an environment designed and developed in the order to offer patients a lot of comfort and well-being.

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